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CA ON00408 C009-0042-01 · Unidad documental simple · 1639
Parte de Gary Lumsden collection

Item is a book of sermons edited by William Milbourne and containing sermons by English theologians including Dean of Peterborough Thomas Jackson and John Donne (note that his sermon "Of mans timely remembring of his creator" is not attributed to him in the text).

Gary Lumsden collection
CA ON00408 C009 · Colección · 1639

Collection consists of a book of sermons by English theologians.

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CA ON00408 C007-0035-02 · Unidad documental simple · [1719?]
Parte de 18th century North America maps collection

Item is a map of Canada/New France published in Atlas Historique, Ou Nouvelle Introduction A l'Histoire, à la Chronologie & à la Géographie Ancienne & Moderne... by Henri Abraham Chatelain and Nicolas Guedeville.

Jon Dellandrea collection
CA ON00408 C008 · Colección · 1857

Collection consists of three framed maps of pre-Confederation Canada published by the Crown Lands Office of Upper Canada.

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Unidad documental simple · 1857
Parte de Jon Dellandrea collection

Item is a framed map of north-west Canada. Map contains notes titled: Indian populations of British North America; hyetal or rain table of southerly part of British North America; French Canadian forts at the time of the conquest; and profiles of routes for Pacific railroad. Map also features many notes about geographical features and the routes and discoveries of explorers including Mackenzie, Franklin, Ross, and Baffin.

CA ON00408 F046 · Fondo · 1886-2009, predominant 2003-2009

Fonds consists of local history materials about North Bay and the Near North area that were collected or created by the Institute for Community Studies and Oral History (ICSOH) including: oral history recordings, student projects, archival records, publications, and ephemera. The fonds also documents some of the ICSOH's activities as a research institute including outreach, the organization of conferences and other events, and its administration.

Fonds is arranged into four sub-series: Events and outreach, minutes, oral and community history research collection, and student projects.

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CA ON00408 F046-S03 · Serie · 1886-2009
Parte de Institute of Community Studies and Oral History fonds

Series contains a community history research collection assembled by the ICSOH through the recording of oral histories and the acquisition of archival materials from private donors. Series contains: video and audio recordings of oral history interviews conducted by students and faculty; records, publications and ephemera relating to the history of North Bay and area; digital records created in the course of projects to digitize the collections of the ICSOH and local private donors (including school yearbooks, photographs, newspapers, and maps); and student projects and presentations.

Series contains one subseries documenting the administration of the ICSOH's research collection.

CA ON00408 F012 · Fondo · 1888, 1905-1999

Fonds reflects the administration of Loyal Orange Lodge No. 876, particularly its membership, finances, and meetings. Records are arranged into two series, one containing dues books and membership rolls, the other containing minute books. The fonds also contains records that are not part of any series, including the Lodge's warrant, lists of past masters, and Orange Order-related prints.

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CA ON00408 F016 · Fondo · 1889-1930, 1957-1958

Fonds reflects the administration of Loyal Orange Lodge No. 758, particularly its membership and lodge meetings. Fonds contains roll books, minute books, and an annual return.

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CA ON00408 F016-0106-03 · Unidad documental simple · 1889-1904
Parte de Loyal Orange Lodge No. 758 (Powassan) fonds

Item is a roll book containing membership information and record of attendance and dues paid. Recorded information includes: member number, name, age, occupation, post office address, how admitted (by initiation or certificate), date of admission, arrears, and a monthly record of attendance and dues paid. Item also contains some lodge meeting minutes from 1889.

CA ON00408 F025 · Fondo · 1893-1997

Fonds reflects the administration of Loyal Orange County Lodge of Nipissing East and its governance of the district and primary Orange lodges within its jurisdiction. Fonds contains minute books (arranged into a series), attendance books, a dues book, and a list of past County Masters.

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