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Academic Senate

Series documents Zytaruk's membership and involvement in Nipissing College/University's Academic Senate and the Laurentian University Senate. Files consist mainly of minutes, agendas, and reports.

Senate agendas, minutes, reports

File contains minutes, agendas, reports, memoranda, presentations, and membership lists of the Academic Senate and its committees.

Laurentian University Senate minutes

File contains minutes of the Senate of Laurentian University, which Zytaruk was a member of as the Principal of Nipissing College, an affiliate of Laurentian University. File also contains memoranda, reports, course and program proposals, and notes.

Nipissing College - Heraldic design

File documents the design of Nipissing College's first heraldic crest. It contains design sketches and colour mockups, correspondence, memoranda, invoices, a speech, and reference material about heraldry.

Proposals for a College Education Centre - #2

  • CA ON00408 F010-S03-SS02-0055-02
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1968 - 1971
  • Parte deGeorge Zytaruk fonds

File contains presentations, draft proposals, site plans, and organizational charts relating to the organization and administration of the proposed College Education Centre. File also contains a copy of the "Master plan for the College Education Centre of North Bay."

College Education Centre / auditorium (the Norman Weaver)

  • CA ON00408 F010-S03-SS02-0055-04
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1960, 1972-1973
  • Parte deGeorge Zytaruk fonds

File documents planning of the original furnishing of the Norman Weaver auditorium, as well as the design of a memorial plaque dedicated to Reverend Norman Weaver. File contains correspondence, invoices, estimates, and technical specifications. It also contains photographs of Norman Weaver and his funeral in 1960, as well as a floor plan of the electrical system of the second level of the College Education Centre, including the Norman Weaver Auditorium.

Faculty of Education

Sub-series contains Faculty of Education program reviews and reports relating to academic programs and other issues.

Government relations

Sub-series documents liaison, reporting, and communications between Nipissing College and provincial government agencies including the Ontario Council of University Affairs, the Ministry of Colleges and Universities, the Ontario Economic Council, and special commissions.

Commission on Post-Secondary Education in Ontario

  • CA ON00408 F010-S03-SS04-0056-01
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1968 - 1972
  • Parte deGeorge Zytaruk fonds

File documents Nipissing College's interaction with the Commission on Post-Secondary Education in Ontario. File contains correspondence, reports, briefs, newspaper clippings, and memoranda.

Change of name questionnaires

File contains questionnaires distributed to administration, support staff, and faculty members regarding an (ultimately unsuccessful) proposal to change the name of Nipissing University College to North Bay University College. File contains questionnaires, correspondence, and the results of the survey.

Humanities Div[ision]

File documents Zytaruk's term as the Chair of the Humanities Division. File contains minutes of division chairs meetings, memoranda, correspondence, budgets, course enrollment data, and notes.

Policies and procedures

File contains college and university policies and manuals, and the constitution of the Nipissing University Faculty Association.

The Northern Literary Symposium - October 14-17, 1983

File documents the planning of the first Northern Literary Symposium at Nipissing College by a conference committee chaired by Zytaruk. File contains correspondence, programs, and registration forms.

Archie Freeman public lectures

File documents the Archie Freeman Memorial Lecture series, which was organized by the Rotary Club of North Bay in cooperation with Nipissing University College and Canadore College. File contains lecture programs, a report, and editorials.

President's speeches - Book I

File contains speeches made by Zytaruk as Principal of Nipissing College at events including meetings and commencement exercises.

President's speeches - Book IV

  • CA ON00408 F010-S06-0058-01
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1977-1982, 1987
  • Parte deGeorge Zytaruk fonds

File contains speeches made by Zytaruk as President of Nipissing College at convocation ceremonies, meetings, dinners, receptions, conferences, and other events.

History, title to property

File documents the granting of land for the North Bay Normal School and subsequent land disputes relating to the property. File contains: an indenture transferring plots of land from the Municipal Corporation of North Bay for the construction of the school; correspondence regarding a dispute over ownership and agricultural use of the school's property; and records relating to an application by North Bay landowners to the Board of Railway Commissioners of Canada for compensation for damages caused by construction of the Canadian Northern Railway.

File also contains two items relating to the history of the North Bay Teachers' College, a pamphlet from 1959 about the college's history, and a photocopy of an article entitled "North Bay Schools" from "The Northern Patriot" magazine, 1917.

Creation of Faculty of Education and discontinuation of North Bay Teachers' College

File documents the integration of North Bay Teachers' College into Nipissing College, including the discontinuation of North Bay Teachers' College and the establishment of Nipissing College's Faculty of Education. File contains agreements between Nipissing College and the Minister of Education, and an order-in-council from Ontario's Executive Council Office.

Admissions registers

Series documents the admission of new students to North Bay Normal School/Teachers' College from 1909 to 1958. The series contains two types of registers: entrance registers, which cover the period 1909-1958, and signature and address registers, for the years 1909-1945. Entrance registers contain new students' contact and personal information, including any prior teaching experience or training. Signature and address registers contain declarations by candidates for admission that they intend to prepare for the teaching profession, as well as their contact information during the session (academic year). Registers are arranged chronologically.

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